Monday, 2 May 2011

FarmVille 05.01.2011 Best of Mystery Game & Prizes !

Farmville 05.01.2011 Mystery game

A new FarmVille Mystery Game has hit the FarmVille Market and it’s packed with new prizes. This game will only be available for six days until May 9th 2011 when a new Mystery Game will replace it.
You can purchase your chances at playing this Mystery Game for 16 Farm Cash per dart. As always, you should play at your own risk as you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the Mystery Game.
  • FarmVille 05.01.2011 Mystery Game – 16 Farm Cash

Mystery Game In Market

Listed below, are confirmed prizes from this week’s Mystery Game. For the complete list of prizes, stay tuned to FarmVille Sheep Breeding
::: Spoiler Alert :::
The following are confirmed prizes in this Mystery Game:
  • FarmVille Thouroughbred – Rare
  • FarmVille Teacup Pig – Rare
  • FarmVille Butterfly Fountain- Uncommon
  • FarmVille Blue Jay – Uncommon
  • FarmVille Alpaca – Common
  • FarmVille Butterflies – Common

Mystery Game Prizes On Farm

Source:- FV Freak


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