Saturday, 30 April 2011

FarmVille Royal Steed Producing Knight Foal !

Royal Steed Horse
Royal Steed Foal
Knight Steed Foal

Many FarmVille Farmers are reporting that when placed in the Horse Stable, the Royal Steed Horse has been producing a Knight Foal instead of Royal Steed Foal.
Currently the Royal Steed is not producing the similar type offspring which would be a Royal Steed Foal. According to FarmVille Community Manager, Stumpgrinder, there is no Royal Steed Foal. However, we’ve actually seen the Royal Steed Foal on farms, such as FarmVille Freak Dark Farmer’s Royal Steed Foal as seen in the picture at the bottom of this post.

One Farmville Farmer have The Royal Steed Foal
Source :- FV Freak.
Do you have a Royal Steed Horse? Are you upset that it will not produce a similar type offspring?

Unreleased Spring WaterMill !

Unreleased Spring WaterMill ! 

Friday, 29 April 2011

Unreleased Flowery Cow & Flowery Calf !

Unreleased Flowery Cow & Flowery Calf!

Unreleased Misty Lake !


Note : Unreleased items have no official release date or guarantee that they will make it to the FarmVille.

FarmVille English Countryside New Crop: Majestic Roses

Farmville Majestic Roses

Tonight, a brand new crop has been added to the FarmVille Market – Majestic Roses!
This is a new flower crop, and since it has no “countdown timer” on it, we can assume that it is a permanent addition to the Market. It is currently available on both farms – Home as well as English Countryside.
However, it is to be noted that there is no option to “Buy” this crop yet, which means we cannot plant it on either of our farms just yet.

FarmVille Majestic Roses Information
  • Sell for: 145 Coins
  • Harvest in: 1 Day
  • XP Gained: 3
This new crop is also available with Crop Mastery, the details of which are listed below:
  • Level 1: 480 Harvests
  • Level 2: 960 Harvests
  • Level 3: 1,440 Harvests (for a total of 2,880 Harvests)

FarmVille Royal Wedding Party Guide !

Royal Wedding Tent
Royal Wedding Tent Completed

With the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011, FarmVille English Countryside is bound to celebrate in some way!

Tonight, the Royal Welcome Tent is slowly rolling out to players. Placing the tent on your farm will allow you to get started on your Royal Wedding Party.
The Royal Welcome Party will work very similar to the New Year’s Party (for which we built the New Year Barn).

Upon placing the Party Tent on your farm, you will be given with the chance to tell your neighbors, so they know to look for an invite from you to attend the party!

In this case, the more literally means the merrier! The Royal Welcome Party will allow you to invite guests and offer you some very cool prizes. The more guests you have, the more prizes you will be able to redeem.
  • 4 Guests – Lover’s Arch
  • 8 Guests – Royal Crystal Tree
  • 16 Guests – Unlocks ability to plant Majestic Roses in FarmVille Market
  • 32 Guests – Royal Steed

In order to receive these fabulous prizes, you will need to invite your neighbors to the party. It seems as though you will only be allowed to invite your friends to this party until May 12, so better hurry, FarmVille Farmers !

Source :- FV Freak

Unreleased Hereford Cow & Hereford Calf !

Unreleased Hereford Cow & Hereford Calf ! 

Unreleased Zesty Pony & Zesty Pony Foal !

UNRELEASED Zesty Pony And Foal

Unreleased Rainbow Cow & Rainbow Calf!

Unreleased Rainbow COW And CALF

Unreleased Pumpkin Pig !

Unreleased Pumpkin Pig!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

UNRELEASED Exmoor Pony And Foal !

FarmVille and Zynga may be releasing the Exmoor Pony into our markets! According to these UNRELEASED images and animations, something new is on the way. We do not expect this to be for any less than 24-26 Farm Cash, and they may be available as soon as this weekend !
Exmoor Pony

Exmoor Pony Foal

FarmVille Introduces Co-Op Jobs for the English Countryside !

The Cornflower Contingency !

The Great Rabbit Caper !

The Amazing Asters !

The FarmVille English Countryside is looking more like regular FarmVille everyday with tonight’s introduction of Co-Op farming jobs exclusive English Countryside. This is the first time that Co-Op jobs are available in the English Countryside.
Currently there are a total of three new Co-Op jobs for you to work on in the English Countryside. Read below for each job’s requirements and rewards. The Cornflower Contingency job requires your participation in order to complete the first new set of quests that were also released tonight.
The Cornflower Contingency Co-Op Job:
  • Requirements: Grow Cornflowers to make table decorations.
  • Rewards: 575 Farm Coins, 575 XP
  • Gold Medal Prize: Cornflower Pot

The Great Rabbit Caper Co-Op Job:
  • Requirements: Grow Radishes and Turnips to feed the rabbits.
  • Rewards: 575 Farm Coins, 575 XP
  • Gold Medal Prize: Brown Spot Rabbit

The Amazing Asters Co-Op Job:
  • Requirements: Grow Asters to teach Henry.
  • Rewards: 575 Farm Coins, 575 XP
  • Gold Medal Prize: Love Potion

Source :- FV Freak 

New Quest: Being Neighbourly !

In the Being Neighborly Quest you will need to Fertilize plots on neighbors farms 40 times, Get 6 Testimonials and Expand to English Freehold. The rewards are 500 XP, 1 Knoll and Lush Soil on your Home Farm! This quest requires completing the Building Blocks A Growing Concern Quest and ends this chapter for now !

New Quest: A Growing Concern !

In the A Growing Concern Quest you will need to Achieve Level 1 mastery of Field Beans, Complete the Amazing Aster Job and Use your Combine 50 times. The rewards are 200 XP, 5 Flower Pots and 5,000 Coins! This quest requires completing the Building Blocks ! Building Blocks Quest!

New Quest: Building Blocks !

In the Building Blocks! Quest you will need to Harvest your Chicken Coop twice, Harvest your Horse Stable Twice and Craft the Dukes Stout to Level 15. The rewards are 200 XP, 5 Aster Flower Fences and 2,500 Coins! This quest requires completing the Back To Basics Quest!

New Quest: Back To The Basics !

In the Back To The Basics! you will need to Plow 200 Plots and Harvest 200 English Peas. The rewards are 200 XP, 5 Aster Flower Fences and 2,500 Coins! This quest requires completing the A Faire To Remember A Faire To Remember Quest!

New Quest: A Faire To Remember !

In the A Fair To Remember! you will need to Harvest 200 Cara Potatoes and Fertilize 25 Neighbor Farms. The rewards are 100 XP, 1 Riding Outfit and 2,500 This quest requires completing the On The House Quest!

New Quest: On The House !

In the On The House you will need to Make the Barley Crumpet recipe 3 times, Make the Lionhead Ale recipe 3 times and get 6 Lemons. The rewards are 100 XP, 1 Lemonade Stand .This quest requires completing the Let Us EnterTain Ewe  Quest !

New Quest: Let Us Entertain Ewe !

In the Let Us Entertain Ewe! you will need to Place 3 Lambs on your Farm . The rewards are 100 XP, 1 Town Fountain and 2,500 Coins! This quest requires Completing the A  Delightful Bouquet Quest !