Friday, 22 April 2011

Pig Breeding Closer To Release !

We found these Images today, and if we look at it, get ready to Breed Pigs,
cause it can be here any Moment! we showed off a VERY exclusive image of some of the Pig Breeds that will be showing up soon! Well, with the latest batch of UNRELEASED comes a new screen that displays some friendly mom and dad pig and even a piglet!

The dad with his mop top totally fits the profile and the mom is a basic looking pig. The piglet is nothing more than recolored piglets from before. You can expect to use love potions and bottles much like sheep breeding.

 It seems it has finally gone Live! You can now breed your favorite pigs with a boar to create unique Piglets that will transform with the help of bottles into new pigs! This seems to be a slow release at the moment, and we will be sure to add to our post when this gets moving full force.

Small Update: It looks as if you will have to build a SECOND Pig Pen as the originals are not the same as the older ones. More as it develops.

Also in the market is the new Purple Boar, which can be purchased currently for 30 Farm Cash. Do not buy one JUST yet as we are unsure if anything else will work as a boar to help the breeding process.


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