Sunday, 24 April 2011

FarmVille Scam Beware: Crystal Purple Tree !

Take note of how familiar this particular tree is… hmm it looks an awful lot like the Wedding Tree does it not?
Now we see what you are doing scammers, you are taking legitimate items currently being found in FarmVille, changing the names and expecting us to all fall for your scams. Well not this FarmVille Freak. I hope many of you take the time to notice the name of this new scam, as it is quite obvious it’s a scam for several reasons, but the name is the dead giveaway.
By clicking on this fake tree notice you will be taken to a FaceBook profile page, another easy way to tell it’s a scam. This is NOT a Zynga FarmVille promotion, do not click the link or any links in the page it takes you to. Many have reported strange things happening to their FaceBook accounts after clicking these links, including messages are automatically published that include links to malicious web sites.

Please be sure to pass this message to all your FarmVille friends!
Click Here  To go to the Page Go And Click on Report Page Then Select SCAm or SPAM And Report It


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