Tuesday, 26 April 2011

FarmVille Unwither Clock Monthly Extension Fee !

Farmville Unwither Clock
As many of you may remember the FarmVille English Countryside Unwither Clock was released shortly after English Countryside premiered. A user could purchase the Unwither Clock for 55 $FV and would provide 30 days of wither protection. For some who purchased the clock the 30 days is now up and are being offered a time extension of 30 days more of wither protection for 45 $FV.
In the past farmers have been able to purchase wither protection by one and large upfront investment  of 250 $FV in an Unwither Ring. The Unwither Clock offers the same protection but will cost a farmer 45 $FV a month.
While unwither protection is very useful, it is often turned on by the Big Z for technical issues. Most recently unwither has been turned on for 4 consecutive days. Perhaps Z should refund players who made/make this monthly this investment and got the service free anyways ?
Thanks to FV FREAk for the Info


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