Tuesday, 26 April 2011

FarmVille Official Podcast – April 25, 2011

The FarmVille Official Podcast for April 25, 2011 is now live! This week’s podcast is brought to you by Lexilicious who will speak to us more about the new features in FarmVille.

The next podcast is scheduled for May 6th, 2011.

FarmVille Sheep Breeding Podcast Summary

Changes to Gift Box & FarmVille Market

  • New “Search” feature added (to Gift Box & Market)
  • Items in Gift Box now stored in categories
  • Ability to sell more than one of the same item in one click
  • Search feature easy to use in Market
Changes to Pig Pen, Truffle Hunting & Pig Breeding

  • Pig Breeding was introduced!
  • If you do not have Pig Pen, you will be provided with one for free
  • All players will be given a free boar as a prize
  • Clicking on “Look Inside” will show you new interface inside the Pig Pen
  • You will need a boar and a pig to start breeding
  • Piglets will take on features from both the parents
  • Chances of getting patterned Piglets is higher of both parents are patterned
  • To increase breeding speed, and chances of success, Love Potions must be used
  • You can get Love Potions from your neighbors or purchase them using Farm Cash
  • Piglets can be grown by using 10 Bottles (per Piglet)
  • Limit to keeping bred boars & pigs on farms – 100 for Home & English Countryside Farm each
  • The Truffle Hunting process has been smoothed out – One Truffle Hunt a day when Pig Pen is harvested
  • Pig that is chosen to hunt is completely random
  • Prizes for redeeming Truffles have been updated
  • Pig Slop has been removed from the Pig Pen
  • You can trade in existing Pig Slop for Love Potions
  • Pig Pen has also been visually updated to show the pigs put in last on display
New Limited Edition Crafting Recipes

  • Love Potions (Pub), Nails (Winery), Bricks (Bakery) & Wooden Boards (Spa) can be crafted
  • Recipes are Limited Edition (for the next two weeks)
  • Recipes cannot be mastered
Coming Soon to FarmVille
  • Chicken Coop, Dairy Barn, Pig Pen, Turkey Roost, Duck Pond and Animal Trough will be rotatable
  • Bushel Limit to be increased by 25 for every additional stall you have on your farm after your first


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