Wednesday, 27 April 2011

FarmVille Issues Update on “lllegal” Sheep & Pig Breeding !






FarmVille issued a statement a few minutes ago on the official FarmVille Blog addressing “illegal” Sheep and Pig breeding.
If you currently have “illegal” Sheep or Pigs obtained or “adopted” from your Facebook News Feed (or from a neighbor) such as Flashers, which have not yet been released into the FarmVille Market, these animals will no longer breed to produce the same type offspring.  For now, this means that specific patterns such as Star and Flasher Sheep will no longer produce Star or Flasher offspring. However, if and when illegal breeds are actually officially released in FarmVille, then these animals will be able to breed again.
The types of patterned Sheep and Pigs that are allowed include the following:
  • Sheep: Plain, Striped, and Spotted
  • Pigs: Plain and Spotted
Please understand that most of your neighbors who have these “illegal” animals on their farms did not obtain them through hacks nor or they cheating. There is no need to start a FarmVille witch hunt! The spreading of these unreleased animals was so rampant due to legitimate breeding, sharing, and adopting.
Since so many farmers have these “illegal” animals on their farms in which they obtained through legitimate methods, they will be able to keep them and will not be punished. What FarmVille is doing is trying to prevent continued breeding of animals that they did not intentionally release. They are in the process of patching the original methods (hacks) of how these animals were obtained before they were then bred and shared.
From FarmVille:
“Howdy farmers!
We wanted to give an update to everyone regarding certain kinds of disallowed sheep that have been available in FarmVille as well as a similar issue that appeared with pigs this past weekend. Certain types of sheep and pig colors/patterns not yet released have been improperly distributed in FarmVille; we are currently going through the process of making sure this practice stops.
The steps that we have taken are:
  • The methods by which players were able to breed unreleased sheep and pig colors and patterns have been closed.
  • Players who bred sheep and pigs using illicit methods have had their animals revert to their original base colors and no patterns.
  • Pigs and sheep acquired from feed posts (but at some point were generated using illicit methods) will get to retain their unusual colors and patterns. However, attempts to breed with these pigs or sheep will result in default colors and no additional pattern inheritance. Should we release these additional colors or patterns legitimately then players will be able to breed that animal in the appropriate, correct manner. This is not an implication that you or your neighbors have done something wrong. This is a breeding restriction of colors and patterns that as of yet have not intended to be released.
So what’s currently allowed to breed and what’s not?
  • Most current colors are allowed but the “flashing” colors are definitely not.
  • Currently Allowed Sheep Patterns: Plain, Spotted, Striped
  • Currently Allowed Pig Patterns: Plain, Spotted
Again, the intention is to stop the distribution of colors and patterns that are not currently intended but not to punish our players who have acquired these animals legitimately. When we do release these colors or patterns, you’ll be able to breed with them just as intended.
Happy Farming!”
(Source: Official FarmVille Blog)


dewi riati said...

sploatch ram and multi colored pig....i like and need both

diz said...

Thanks for the update. I understand your not making $$$$$ on these types of sheep and pigs. But the colors you all provide us are so blaaaaaah, there is no fun in breeding to get blaaaaah over and over again. There are so many colors but since when does blue and yellow make black or white???? And as hard as it is to get potions only to have them wasted on getting a white or black color so it is no wonder somebody figured out how to get prettier sheep.

michael smith said...

I think black and white is cool!! Blue red, green, pink, are bland and boring!! I think farmville should do all animals, buildings, vehicle and houses in black and white, even the trees!! I have a 3 yr old that I am teaching to play farmville because of the sharing and morals it teaches!! Even she knows the difference guys!! If you want pretty colors then go to at hearts!!

Deena said...

The flashing sheep were legitimate so why stop allowing them? I don't quite understand. If they were not legit then why was I able to breed them - it was an error on their part and they want fv cash for the flashing ones. I don't think it is fair that all I was getting was white when trying to breed them because I didn't know they stopped the flashing ones. This is a bore.

Deena said...

How is it possible to breed thru illicit methods?

Strawberryblondie Mosaic and Stained Glass Art said...

I am with diz and so are the majority of my farmville neighbors. The breeding was exciting with all of the colors and patterns, now we are reverting back to boring. Most of us do not want to pay actual cash to play a game of farming. Come on Zynga, bring back the fun!

michael smith said...

Most of my friends dont pay cash!! They play the game without it!! We also have kids that are playing to learn morals and principles!! One adult asks" how can you breed through illicit means"???? Zynga did not approve this!!! Its their game!!! Somebody hacked it!!! And you people approve of that!! Wish you were my neighbors " I would delete you and your cash!! A 3 yr old says papa" there is no such thing as blue sheep!!!! Is she smarter than the adults????? I think so!!! You people who like color need to go to at hearts or mafia where they have color!!! No kids are there to embarass you!!!!

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