Saturday, 30 April 2011

FarmVille Royal Steed Producing Knight Foal !

Royal Steed Horse
Royal Steed Foal
Knight Steed Foal

Many FarmVille Farmers are reporting that when placed in the Horse Stable, the Royal Steed Horse has been producing a Knight Foal instead of Royal Steed Foal.
Currently the Royal Steed is not producing the similar type offspring which would be a Royal Steed Foal. According to FarmVille Community Manager, Stumpgrinder, there is no Royal Steed Foal. However, we’ve actually seen the Royal Steed Foal on farms, such as FarmVille Freak Dark Farmer’s Royal Steed Foal as seen in the picture at the bottom of this post.

One Farmville Farmer have The Royal Steed Foal
Source :- FV Freak.
Do you have a Royal Steed Horse? Are you upset that it will not produce a similar type offspring?


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