Tuesday, 17 May 2011

FarmVille Changes To Crafting Bushels Coming Soon!

FarmVille Lexilicious

In a small announcement this afternoon, FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious announced that there will be some changes made to the way bushels work on our farms.
The announcement from Lexilicious says:
Hey Farmers!
Crafting Bushels will soon be accessible across both your Home farm and English Countryside farms!
Previously, you were only able to purchase bushels from Neighbors who were active on the same farm as you. Our update will allow you to purchase bushels from both English Countryside farms and home farms.

FarmVille Changes To Crafting Bushels Coming Soon Announcement

We no longer require our Neighbors to be on the same farm as us in order to be able purchase Crafting Bushels from them. How convenient!
At this point, this news is listed under the coming soon section of the FarmVille Forums.


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