Saturday, 14 May 2011

FarmVille Royal Wedding Party Is Here!

FarmVille Royal Welcome Tent Completed
You all may remember the Royal Wedding Tent that we received a few weeks ago, bringing with it a party that we needed to prep for. We had about two weeks to invite guests and ready our farms before the Royal couple arrived to celebrate with us.
Today, May 12th, several farmers have received the pop-up seen below on their farms announcing the arrival of the Royal couple!
FarmVille Royal Couple Arrived Notice
With this little arrival, the Royal Wedding Tent now gets a makeover and more decorations are added to it. Also, when you click on it now, there is a “Celebrate!” option.
FarmVille Royal Tent Celebrate Option
Upon clicking this new option, an adorable display of firecrackers will be seen above the Royal Wedding Tent. Also, since you cannot invite neighbors to the Royal Wedding Party anymore, there is also the option of storing away your tent as seen above.
FarmVille Amanda's Royal Tent Celebration


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