Tuesday, 24 May 2011

FarmVille Light Blue Sow & Medium Red Sow

FarmVille Medium Red Female Pig
FarmVille Light Blue Female Pig
The FarmVille Market introduced two new pigs tonight including a Light Blue Sow and a Medium Red Sow.
When placed into your FarmVille Pig Pens, the Light Blue Sow and Medium Red Sow can breed with a Boar for a chance at producing Piglets. To find out what types of offspring these new pigs can produce, be sure to check them out on your Pig Pen’s Conga Line after you purchase them.
Perhaps in an effort to encourage Pig Breeding, FarmVille is offering both of these Sows available for Farm Coins. The price tag on each one is 100,000 Farm Coins and 1,000 XP rewarded on purchase.
They also appear to be permanent market items as there is no expiration date nor Limited Edition event tagged in their market icons.

FarmVille Light Blue Sow
FarmVille Medium Red Sow


Hariz said...
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Hariz said...

I got them both when I went trough the market & see they are selling these Sow I couldn't resist I have to buy them both since they are selling them by coins

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