Tuesday, 17 May 2011

FarmVille Limited Edition GagaVille Crafting Recipes: Rose Flame Candle, Shiny Daisy Cake, Crystalmist Wine & Spark Rose Mead

FarmVille Rose Flame Candle
FarmVille Shiny Daisy Cake
FarmVille Spark Rose Mead
FarmVille Crystalmist Wine
FarmVille is definitely going Gaga tonight! Not only have we seen some amazing releases of trees, decorations, animals and crops, but accompanying them are also 4 Limited Edition Crafting Recipes.
Along with being available only for a limited time, these new recipes are also masterable. You will need to level up these recipes to Level 25 in order to receive a 5 star Mastery Sign for each of them.
These 4 recipes are available in the respective Crafting Cottages for the next 61 days.
FarmVille Limited Edition Spa Recipe: Rose Flame Candle
  • Ingredients: 2 Electric Roses Bushels, 3 Pumpkin Bushels & 2 Iris Bushels
FarmVille Limited Edition Rose Flame Candle Recipe
    FarmVille Limited Edition Bakery Recipe: Shiny Daisy Cake
    • Ingredients: 2 Chrome Daisies Bushels, 3 Wheat Bushels & 2 Pepper Bushels
    FarmVille Limited Edition Shiny Daisy Cake Recipe
      FarmVille Limited Edition Winery Recipe: Crystalmist Wine
      • Ingredients: 2 Crystal Bushels, 3 Sugar Cane Bushels & 2 White Grapes Bushels
      FarmVille Limited Edition Crystalmist Wine Recipe
        FarmVille Limited Edition Pub Recipe: Spark Rose Mead
        • Ingredients: 3 Electric Rose Bushels, 2 Hops Bushels & 2 Pink Asters Bushels
        FarmVille Limited Edition Spark Rose Mead Recipe


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