Tuesday, 24 May 2011

FarmVille GagaVille Quest 8: “Shining Bright”

FarmVille GagaVille Quest 8

Today marks the the release of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album now available everywhere! There is also a new GagaVille Quest for you to complete in FarmVille starting tonight which is available throughout May 24rd 2011. GagaVille Quest 8 “Shining Bright” has you completing three simple tasks to earn some exclusive rewards including a brand new Chrome Cow.
The Chrome Cow is a harvestable animal that can be harvested for Farm Coins and also produces a similar type offspring (Chrom Calf) when placed into your FarmVille Dairy Barns. To see the Chrome Calf see its picture at the bottom of this post.
  • 1. Visit GagaVille Farm.
  • 2. Visit 5 Friends’ Farms.
  • 3. Plant 100 plots of Electric Roses.

FarmVille GagaVille Quest 8: Shining Star Information

  • 100 XP
  • 2,500 Farm Coins
  • Chrome Cow (harvestable animal)

FarmVille Chrome Cow

FarmVille Chrome Calf

FarmVille GagaVille Quest 8: Shining Star Completed

This quest will be available in FarmVille for one day only. You can complete the objectives by fulfilling them on either of your farms.
What do you think of today’s GagaVille Quest and its rewards ?


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