Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Craftshop Quest 1: Workin’ on the Craftshop

Workin’ on the Craftshop
Gilda has stopped by and is trying to convince you to start a Craftshop, because every farmer is going to want one (in the example below we’ve already placed the Craftshop).
The quest objectives are:
* Buy 1 Craftshop – you should be able to get this completed just by getting the Craftshop through Placement mode. Alternatively you can just buy it from the Market.
* Fertilize plots on neighbor’s farms 25 times – you’ll need to fertilize 25 plots of neighbors farms (note that you can fertilize 5 plots on each neighbor’s farm per 24 hour period).
The quest rewards are:
* 100 XP
* 2 Hammers
* 2 bags of Concrete
* 2 Spools of Twine
* 2,500 Coins
You also have the option of Sharing some more Concrete with your friends via a wall feed post when you complete the quest.


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