Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Craftshop Guide!

The Craftshop Guide!

It’s time to start building the Craftshop, a new constructible building that will serve as the base for a whole new level of crafting in FarmVille in the near future. Plus we have some new quests to help you and your friends build it!

You’ll get the Craftshop frame for free the first time you play FarmVille after the update, and you will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. You can place the Craftshop on your farm now, or you can choose to place it in your Gift Box for use later (by switching to the Multi-Tool for instance). If you put it into your Gift Box, you’ll be able to place it on either your Home Farm or English Countryside farm.

If you lose your sell your Craftshop, you can purchase it again in the Market. It is listed under Buildings, though there are two versions available: the Craftshop frame (for coins) and the fully-built Craftshop (for 30 Farm Cash). If you see that it is “Locked” you either have one in your Gift Box or it’s on your farm someplace. You can have just one Craftshop per farm.

Once the Craftshop frame is on the farm you can click on it, then select “Look Inside” to see this window:

The Craftshop is a constructible building that requires certain building parts to complete it. However, it does not require the normal types of building parts, but instead three new types: Spools of Twine, Concrete bags, and Hammers.

You can acquire these parts by:
  • Asking your neighbors for these parts by posting a help request to your feed (click on the “Ask For Part” button for each type of part).
  • Give parts to your neighbors via the Free Gifts page or the “Send Gifts” button.
  • Acquire parts by spending Farm Cash. Click on the “Buy” button for that particular part to purchase all of the particular part that you need (the cost is X Farm Cash, where X is the number of parts left that you need), or buy those parts individually in the Market (you can find them in Farm Aides -> Other).
  • Acquire all needed parts for the building by spending Farm Cash (click on the “Complete Now” button to purchase parts for the rest of the building). The cost is X Farm Cash, where X is the total number of parts left needed to finish the building.
  • Using individual parts already available in your Gift Box.
  • As rewards from certain quests (see below).

This is what the Craftshop looks like once fully constructed:

You’ll also see this window pop up when you complete it:

Right now you can’t do anything with it, but just wait, you will soon!


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