Saturday, 28 May 2011

FarmVille Introduces Storage for Animals & Trees!

FarmVille Store Animals & Trees Loading Screen
In an exciting update this evening, FarmVille has finally introduced storage for animals and trees!
Farmers will be happy to know that there cluttered and crowded farms will finally be offered a pleasant alternative for all those unwanted animals and trees that we’d rather not display, but are just too precious to throw away- think gigantic Elephants and Ballerina Hippos! How many Clumsy Reindeer with Christmas lights do we really need to display in the midst of summer?
To store an animal or tree, simply click on the animal or tree that you would like to store and then select the “Store item” button. The animal or tree will automatically be added to your FarmVille Storage Cellar. Unfortunately, the same 500 item limit still applies and remains a cumulative number meaning that all of your stored items count towards the 500 maximum capacity. Sounds like it’s time for Zynga to increase our storage.
FarmVille Stored Animals

FarmVille Stored Tree


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