Tuesday, 17 May 2011

FarmVille Welcomes Lady Gaga with GagaVille Farm!

FarmVille Visit GagaVille
FarmVille welcomed Lady Gaga and her GagaVille themed farm tonight! Zynga is going all out for Gaga and also debuted a new Limited Edition GagaVille theme tonight which includes all new Lady Gaga inspired animals, decorations, trees, and avatar clothing. Don’t worry, even more Lady Gaga stuff will be coming shortly.
FarmVille Lady Gaga Experience Notice
You can visit GagaVille by scrolling to the end of your in-game neighbor bar menu and clicking on the GagaVille icon. When you first visit GagaVille you will be rewarded with a free Chrome Daisy Bed (flower bed) decoration.
The GagaVille farm is much more elaborate then past promotional farms that we’ve seen in FarmVille. We think it’s by far the best promotional farm as of yet. Visit it yourself to make your own decisions, but we kinda love it! Good job Zynga + Lady Gaga.
FarmVille GagaVille (Click to Enlarge)


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