Thursday, 19 May 2011

FarmVille Sheep & Pig Breeding Conga Line Now Live!

FarmVille Green Star Ram

FarmVille Blue Spotted Sheep

FarmVille White Star Sheep

Are you ready to Conga?!
Yesterday on FarmVille Freak we shared with you an exclusive video provided by Zynga (see video below) about the Conga line coming to Sheep and Pig breeding. This feature is now live!

FarmVille Sheep Conga Line Notice

The Conga line feature allows you to preview the possibilities of offspring that your chosen breeders may produce. To see this feature in action, simply click on a Ram and an Ewe as you would normally. This will trigger a Conga line of the breeders that you selected. Additionally you have the option of changing your choices, make a new breeding selection and then see that pairs offspring possiblities.
This should clear up a lot of confusion as to what your Lamb or Piglets can grow up to be.
To see a demo of the new feature, watch the video below provided by Zynga’s FarmVille Community Manager Grimwell.


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