Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Craftshop Quest 3: Finishing Touches!

Finishing Touches
The final quest involves finishing the Craftshop with some hard work.
The quest objectives are:
* Complete 1 Craftshop – complete construction of the Craftshop. You can spend Farm Cash to finish this objective, which should be 1 Farm Cash for every part left that you need (the default is 29 if you haven’t used any additional parts yet).
* Harvest 100 Wheat – plant and harvest 100 plots of the Wheat crop.
The quest rewards are:
* 500 XP
* 5 Farm Cash
* 7,500 Coins
You also have the option of Sharing some Spools of Twine with your friends via a wall feed post when you complete this final Craftshop quest.


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