Wednesday, 18 May 2011

FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Sheep & Pig Breeding Conga Line Preview!

FarmVille Green Star Ram

FarmVille Blue Spotted Sheep

FarmVille White Star Sheep

Conga! Conga! Conga!
Zynga shared with FarmVille Freak an exclusive preview to an upcoming change to Sheep and Pig breeding.
After selecting your breeding mates, this change will allow you to preview a Conga line of your offspring possibilities. The best way to explain this new change, is for you to just watch the video hosted by FarmVille Community Manager, Grimwell.
Says Grimwell,
“This YouTube video gives a brief preview for a new way to look at Sheep and Pig breeding in FarmVille! We hope everyone at FarmVille Freak enjoys it, and look forward to releasing this into the game soon! Please Note: We are so excited to share this that Grimwell ran into a meeting room, closed the door, and recorded it quick. Apologies for the quality, and for his flub at the end!”

Thank you for sharing with us Grimwell and we think you did an amazing job explaining this exciting new feature. We can’t wait to try it out for ourselves.

source- fv freak


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