Monday, 16 May 2011

Best Buy Officially Launches GagaVille Promotion

FarmVille Lady Gaga Unicorn

Best Buy’s weekly circular has launched, giving us more confirmation of what we’ll be getting when we purchase the Zynga $25 game card from Best Buy stores.

FarmVille Gaga Games Music Best Buy Advertisement

As a recap, players redeeming a $25 game card purchased from Best Buy will receive:
  • 145 farm Cash
  • Exclusive Lady Gaga Unicorn
  • Download of the full Born This Way album, plus bonus tracks, redeemable upon it’s release (5/23)
  • 2 Mystery Game Darts

FarmVille Freak HatchAHolic's Zynga Game Card Redemption

Will you be purchasing this Game Card at Best Buy today?

FarmVille Freak Flaviuxa's Lady Gaga Unicorn


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