Saturday, 21 May 2011

FarmVille Increases Bushel Capacity to 400!

Not too long ago, FarmVille mentioned that they would be increasing our Bushel capacity.
Starting tonight, a few FarmVille Freaks such as FarmVille Freak Owieczkacs, have reported that their Bushel Capacity is now 400. This feature could be slowly rolling out as not all farmers are experiencing this upgrade just yet.

FarmVille Freak owieczkacs' 400 Bushel Capacity I

In addition to the increase in Bushels, it seems as though your Bushels from both your farms are combined into a new accumulated number and you also have the option of viewing bushels from both farms. For example, in the past, English Countryside crops’ bushels were not viewable on your Home Farm’s Bushel inventory whereas they now are.
To view your Bushel capacity, simply click on one of your Market Stalls. Your Market Stall will display the menu for the Farmer’s Market where you can then view how many Bushels you currently have, as well as your maximum storage capacity.

FarmVille Freak owieczkacs' 400 Bushel Capacity II

Note: This upgrade appears to be slowly rolling out in phases. Hold tight if you don’t have this update yet.


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