Wednesday, 18 May 2011

FarmVille Announces Lady Gaga Decorating Contest!

FarmVille Purple Unicorn
This afternoon, FarmVille made an announcement letting players know of the latest contest being held. With all the newly released GagaVille themed items, FarmVille wants to see the best Lady Gaga themed farm out there.
Not only does this player get a grand prize of 1000 Farm Cash & 1,000,000 Farm Coins, but there is also an awesome (unreleased) Purple Unicorn as a gift!
Stay tuned to FarmVille Freak, for more contests!
The announcement on the FarmVille Facebook fan page said:
Hey Little Monsters! Submit photos of your Lady Gaga themed farms from May 17th – May 23rd for a chance to win 1000 Farm Cash, 1,000,000 coins and an unreleased Purple Unicorn in our Lady Gaga Decorating Contest!
FarmVille Lady Gaga Decorating Contest Facebook Notice


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