Wednesday, 18 May 2011

FarmVille GagaVille Electric Chapel Quest 2

FarmVille GagaVille Quest 2

If you want to listen to Lady Gaga’s exclusive sneak preview of her unreleased “Electric Chapel” track from her Born This Way album, then you will have to complete the second GagaVille quest! In GagaVille Quest 2, “Electric Chapel” you’ll complete three simple tasks and be rewarded for all your hard work with your very own Electric Chapel dance club!

FarmVille GagaVille Electric Chapel Quest Notice

  • 1. Visit GagaVille to check out the Electric Chapel dance club.
  • 2. Buy 1 Crystal Flowerbed. (2,000 Farm Coins)
  • 3. Plant 6 Chrome Daisies (LE GagaVille crop). Seeds cost 50 Farm Coins per plot.


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