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FarmVille Freak Guide: FarmVille New Collections!

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The new FarmVille Collections system has arrived! After logging into FarmVille after the update you should be greeted with the pop-up shown above.
There are all new Collections as well as rewards for each set. You will automatically be rewarded with Farm Coins and XP to compensate you for your existing progress on the old Collections. Any old extra collectibles that you had in your Gift Box that were not added to your Collection cannot be used and you will need to delete them as they are useless.
The new Collections work similar to previous Collections in that you will automatically find collectibles while doing everyday farming tasks such as harvesting your crops, trees, and animals. However, when you find a collectible you will not have to add them to your Collection set or “use” them. It will not be stored in your Gift Box. It will simply go straight to your Collection set.
The new FarmVille Collections include:
  • FarmVille Berries Collection
  • FarmVille Citrus Collection
  • FarmVille Cows Collection
  • FarmVille Flowers Collection
  • FarmVille Grains Collection
  • FarmVille Squash Collection

Each Collection set is comprised of Common, Uncommon, and Rare collectibles. You will need a certain number of each collectible to complete each Collection each time.
FarmVille Collection Requirements
Level 1 Collection Requirements:
  • Common (x 3) – 3 collectibles each of same type
  • Uncommon – 2 collectibles of same type
  • Rare – 1 collectible
Level 2 Collection Requirements:
  • Common (x 3) – 6 collectibles each of same type
  • Uncommon – 4 collectibles of same type
  • Rare – 2 collectibles of same type
Level 3 Collection Requirements:
  • Common (x 3) – 9 collectibles each of same type
  • Uncommon- 6 collectibles of same type
  • Rare – 3 collectibles of same type
Level 4 Collection Requirements:
  • Common (x 3)- 12 collectibles each of same type
  • Uncommon – 8 collectibles of same type
  • Rare – 4 collectibles of same type
Once you find the required amount of collectibles for a Collection, you will see a green “Trade In” button. Clicking the button will turn in your collectibles and allow you to receive the reward. Note, you can bypass finding collectibles by purchasing them directly or by purchasing entire Collection sets with Farm Cash.
Some collectibles may have a green paper icon that allows you to “Ask” your neighbors to send you this item. You can only use the “Ask” button once per day.
FarmVille Collection Prizes
After completing a Collection set, you can turn it in for rewards of Farm Coins and XP and special exclusive prizes. You will also be given the option to share a rare or uncommon collectible with your neighbors by posting a Facebook News Feed share. Your collection set can also be leveled to receive better prizes. For a spoiler prize reveal of all the Level 1, 2, and 3 trade-in prizes for the new Collections sets be sure to check out our FarmVille Freak post by clicking here!
FarmVille Freak Article: FarmVille New Collection Trade In Prizes
Notice that every time you complete a Collection, it levels up. Each time you level up a collection, you will need a higher number of collectibles to complet the next collection. The higher the level, the better the prizes. However, thespecial prizes repeat after Level 3, but with an increasing increment in Farm Coins and XP.
How to Find Collectibles for Collections:
Completing simple tasks on your farm and your neighbors will earn you collectibles for your Collection. However, now only harvesting actions (besides being gifted collectibles) will allow you to find collectibles. Harvesting actions vary and are related to that specific collection. For example, you’ll find collectibles for Berries Collection while harvest berry crops.
  • Berries Collection – Harvest Berry Crops
  • Citrus Collection – Harvest Citrus Trees
  • Cows Collection – Harvest Cows
  • Flowers Collection – Harvest Flower Crops
  • Grains Collection – Harvest Grain Crops
  • Squash Collection – Harvest Squash Crops
Collectibles can be found with both the English Countryside and Greenhouse crops for some Collections. Using consumables for any type of harvesting action will still allow you to find a collectible versus click-farming, vehicle or building with purpose use.  For example, if you use an Arborist to harvest your trees, you can still find collectibles.
Other Changes to Collections include:
  • Collections are available to Level 10 and above farmers.
  • FarmVille Special Delivery Boxes and Mystery Eggs will no longer provide collectibles.
  • Only harvesting actions and acquisitions from neighbors reward you with collectibles.
What do you think of the new FarmVille Collection System?

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