Wednesday, 11 May 2011

FarmVille Talks About Introducing “GagaVille”!

FarmVille Lady Gaga in Judas

According to an article in Forbes magazine, Zynga talks about a huge upcoming promotion to our favorite game.
Recently, Zynga did sent out a large scale SOS to assist with Earthquake that struck Japan. Lady Gaga, generously donated to help out with this cause, and ever since, has maintained friendly relations with the gaming company.
In honor of the assistance received from the popular celebrity, Zynga may be doing some hardcore marketing! In the near future, (possibly on May 17, 2011), we will see the release of “GagaVille”, a farm within FarmVille that will be designed to fit Lady Gaga’s style perfectly. Does the “Unreleased Sheep On Motorcycle” make a little more sense now?

FarmVille Sheep on Motorcycle

Zynga is also putting out special Lady Gaga Gift Cards in specific Best Buy locations in the U.S. and Canada. Purchasing one of these cards will allow you to download her new album, as well as provide you with the possibility of spending time with Lady Gaga herself! Along with this, Zynga will be releasing Lady Gaga virtual gift items, for which players will have to log in to RewardVille to claim them. There will also be a “word of the day” contest which will give players a chance to win tickets to Lady Gaga’s upcoming concert.
Clearly, this is one of the largest and most widespread promotion that Zynga has done so far. For a long time now, several FarmVille players have designed and decorated their farms using celebrities as inspirations, such as the one seen below. FarmVille Freak had done a post a while back on whether celebrities were invading FarmVille. This tie-up with Lady Gaga will certainly open many doors for such promotions in the future!


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