Tuesday, 10 May 2011

FarmVille Sheep Breeding Changes 05.09.11

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FarmVille Chameleon Ram

FarmVille released a statement via the official FarmVille Blog announcing some changes to Sheep Breeding. Good news! We learn that they have increased the probability of producing the Chameleon color when breeding Sheep. Now, the Chameleon is treated as a pattern that can be inherited from the father (Ram) only. However, this is not a guaranteed inheritance. However, if both parents are Chameleons then the chances of offspring inheriting the Chameleon pattern increases dramatically.
Recently the Chameleon Ewe was removed from the FarmVille Market because it wasn’t working correctly. It may return to the Market very soon, but in the meantime everyone who purchased the Chameleon Ewe will be gifted a free Chameleon Ram (solid color changing with no pattern).This Ram will be added to the market later tonight.

FarmVille Chameleon Ram

From FarmVille:
“In our continued effort to refine and update the sheep breeding process we made some changes today, specifically towards the chameleon color-changing ability that we’ve previously released. Now, the probability to inherit the chameleon color-changing ability is much higher and mimics pattern inheritance: the chameleon ability can only be inherited from the father (at a certain percentage chance), and the chance of inheritance increases dramatically if both parents have the chameleon ability.
As you may know we removed the Chameleon Ewe from the Market last week in part because it wasn’t working the way it should. While we may return it to the Market in the near future, today we are gifting everyone who purchased a Chameleon Ewe with one new Chameleon Ram (a color-changing ram with no pattern). This new ram should be available in the Market later tonight at 9PM PDT.
White sheep should no longer be outright produced by color-changing sheep if the ability is not being inherited–instead it should be more of a reddish color.” (Source: FarmVille Blog)


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