Tuesday, 3 May 2011

FarmVille Breeding Update by Lexilicious !

Farmville Shannon's Eve

Farmville jack Morris Ram

FarmVille released a statement via the official FarmVille Forum addressing some recent breeding issues and bugs. There has been some amount of confusion as to the inheritance pattern of sheep purchased from the FarmVille Market as well as the large amount of White Sheep being produced from unlikely parents.
Read below for all the details.
“Hey Farmers,
We have been made aware that current in-game messaging regarding Sheep Breeding is inaccurate and confusing to our customers. This messaging implies that the success rate for color/pattern inheritance is 100% guaranteed, when in fact, it is not.
This messaging was unintentional, and we sincerely apologize for any confusion or frustration.
The text will be updated to reflect the feature’s intended design as soon as possible. If you purchased a Ram and/or Ewe from the Market under the assumption that the success rate was guaranteed due to this messaging,please contact our CS department and they will refund your account accordingly.(This means your purchased Rams and/or Ewes will be removed, and the equivalent amount of FarmCash will be restored to your account.)
Due to the volume of emails from customers during this time, it may take longer than normal for a CS agent to assist you, but they will respond to your request as soon as they are able.
Breeding and White Sheep:
Please know that the intended design of this feature was never a 100% success rate for color/pattern inheritance. We have seen reports from the community indicating that prior to the release of Pig Breeding, the pattern inheritance success rate (from Rams) was unusually high (80 – 100% success rate). This was a bug and the feature is now functioning as intended.
We have also seen reports from players indicating that an unusually high amount of White Sheep are being produced when breeding. As white is a color, it is possible to produce white sheep when the feature is operating normally.
However, we are investigating player reports to determine if more white sheep are being produced than anticipated. Please know that this process is not an easy one and will take time for us to address.
Chameleon Sheep only producing White Sheep:
Currently, the Chameleon Ewe and Rainbow Dots Ram are producing almost exclusively plain white sheep. This is a bug that we are actively working to resolve. We will be releasing a fix for the Chameleon Ewe and Rainbow Dots Ram sometime this week which will result in the color/pattern inheritance success rates to be on par with the other Rams/Sheep in the game.
As always, we appreciate your feedback! If you would like to share any thoughts or opinions, please make sure to follow the FarmVille Forum Rules and Rules of Conduct when posting.

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