Monday, 9 May 2011

FarmVille Wales Themed Mystery Game 05.08.11

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FarmVille 05.08.2011 Mystery Game

Tonight’s Mystery Game has been updated with brand new prizes.

This Mystery Game costs 20 Farm Cash per dart. As always, you should play the Mystery Game at your own risk as you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the Mystery Game.

FarmVille 05.08.2011 Mystery Game

The current Mystery Game will be available for only one week and will expire next Sunday when it is replaced with a new game.
FarmVille Mystery Game (Released: May 5, 2011)
The following are confirmed prizes for this Mystery Game:
  • FarmVille Welsh Pony – Rare
  • FarmVille Welsh Cow – Rare
  • FarmVille Badger Sheep – Uncommon
  • FarmVille Roe Deer – Uncommon
  • FarmVille Puffin – Common
  • FarmVille Welsh Harlequin – Common

FarmVille Welsh Horse
FarmVille Welsh Cow
FarmVille Badger Sheep
FarmVille Welsh Harlequin
FarmVille Puffin
FarmVille Roe Deer
FarmVille Freak Joelle's 05.08.2011 Mystery Game Board


FarmVille Freak Joelle's Mystery Game Prizes


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