Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New Storage System Arrived!

The Storage Revamp Guide

The storage system (which includes Storage Cellars and the barns if you’re still using them) has been revamped to feature a new, search-able interface, tabs for both your Home and English Countryside farms, and filters to easily sort your inventory. Check it out!

You’ll be able to see your revamped storage system by visiting your Storage Cellar or Barn, clicking on “Look Inside” and selecting the “Inventory” button:

You can see buttons for both your Home Farm and your English Farm; clicking on one will automatically bring up your inventory for that farm (you no longer have to travel between farms to see the inventory for it). At the upper left you can see numbers for the maximum size of your storage as well as how much you have in your inventory currently.

You’ll also see a row of buttons showing the filters you can sort your inventory with: All, Trees, Animals, Buildings and Decorations. Note that the ability to store Trees and Animals is not available yet and is coming soon!

Below that you’ll see what’s in your inventory. Each “page” shows up to six entries; if you have more, you can click on the right or left arrow buttons on either side of the window to quickly navigate your way through your storage inventory. Or if you know exactly what you’re looking for, just type it in into the Search box at the upper right by clicking on it, then typing what you’re looking for:
Clicking on “Expand Storage” at the bottom will bring you to the Inventory Expansion page, where you’ll see the usual options to expand your barns or upgrade your Cellar using Shovels.


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