Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How To Find Weather A Post Is A SCAM Or NOT !

<<< this little critter is sad due to being used as an Instrument of Evil.
Earlier Today I got a message asking me why I havent posted about the scams that have the Same App Id as Farmville. After some research I have determined the following.
Using The last 3 digits or whatever by placing your cursor on "Farmville IS AN EPIC FAILURE.They can easily spoof the real page, and it will appear Real via this method, but in reality its Evil in disguise.
 The Only sure fail proof way is the way I've explained Dozens of Times.
 Some Folks need to start checking my website, to know whats released and Whas unreleased.
SO BE AWARE Right now, the Only Rainbow Calves you see on the Feed Are SCAMS (that have the right Farmville app Numbers)
No feed reward is that rare to risk ruining your computer/friends computer/giving away your identify/giving away your facebook password/etc. All these scam apps are UP TO NO GOOD.
It takes maybe a Half a second before you click on something, to place the cursor over the photo. I know some people are still thinking that if it says via Farmville, it must be real" THIS IS UNTRUE!! Almost Every well executed scam lately have said via Farmville
So Here once again, is how to actually know what is going on,what the video, and if you have any questions leave them as a comment on this post
Yeah its this post again, Come on folks this crap is popping back up, and Im seeing so many folks that are just blindly clicking, Remember the Hover!
I mean come on folks, this is not like flying a zeppelin hard. It takes just a moment, Hover the Photo, read the status bar. Easy Pease. Also I have Never suggested looking at the numbers because that can be spoofed super Easy. And Yes the Photo is the Sad Rainbow Calf, because its sad its being used to spread evil.
Read, Understand, Share.


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