Wednesday, 4 May 2011

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Zumba & 3 Free Farm Cash !

Sponsored Link 

In a new FarmVille Sponsored Link provided by Zumba Fitness videogame, they are offering farmers a chance to earn 3 free Farm Cash for participating in a short survey about dancing.
Sponsored Links are located underneath your in-game screen, on the top right. Unfortunately, not all players have access to Sponsored Links due to regional restrictions. Since Sponsored Links expire, you should act fast to earn your free Farm Cash.

Do you Zumba? Did you participate in this new Sponsored Link worth 3 free Farm Cash?

Free 3 Cash


Parija said...

I dont dance Zumba..i have not participated with this link for worth of 3 free farm cash. tnx for the contest.

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