Wednesday, 4 May 2011

FarmVille Limited Edition Crafting Recipes: Pink Carnation Perfume, Pink Carnation Vinegar, & Candied Pink Carnation

FarmVille Candied Carnation
FarmVille Carnation Perfume
FarmVille Pink Carnation Vinegar

Get your crafting skills ready because in addition to the Pub’s new recipe, FarmVille has added three new Crafting Recipes for your home farm’s Spa, Winery, or Bakery.
The new Limited Edition Pink Carnation themed recipes will only be available for a short time of 36 days. There is Craft Mastery available for each recipe and you will receive your 5 star Craft Mastery Sign when your recipe is leveled to 19. The new Limited Edition recipes include the following:
FarmVille Spa – Pink Carnation Perfume Recipe
  • Ingredients: 2 Morning Glory Bushels and 2 Sunflower Bushels

FarmVille Winery – Pink Carnation Vinegar Recipe
  • Ingredients: 2 White Grape Bushels and 4 Rice Bushels

FarmVille Bakery – Candied Pink Carnation Recipe
  • Ingredients: 2 Sugar Cane Bushels

We wonder if we will also be seeing the Limited Edition Pink Carnations crop back in the FarmVille Market soon? Perhaps just in time for Mother’s Day!

FarmVille Candied Carnation Mastery Sign
FarmVille Carnation Perfume Mastery Sign
FarmVille Pink Carnation Vinegar


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