Wednesday, 8 June 2011

FarmVille Birthday Countdown Begins & Prize Reveal!

FarmVille FarmVille's 2nd Birthday Countdown Notice

FarmVille’s counting down the days till it turns 2 and wants you to join in on the fun!
The FarmVille Birthday Countdown kicked off with the first day of the Countdown starting tonight. Each day you visit FarmVille and participate in the Countdown, you will receive a special prize or “Item of the Day”. Collect all 12 prizes and you’ll be rewarded with a special exclusive prize, a Blue Mane Gypsy Horse! (Read more about the Blue Man Gypsy Horse below).
Today’s featured item is the FarmVille Doghouse decoration. All you have to do is post a Facebook News Feed or click on one of your friends to fulfill the day’s featured item and get your own Doghouse decoration too. Simply click the green “Ask/Share” button that’s found underneath each “Item of the Day” to post a notice to your Facebook Newsfeed which will let your neighbors know that you are looking for that item and that they can help you out and get one for themselves by clicking on your share.

FarmVille Birthday Countdown Revealed

Collecting all 12 “Items of the Day” will earn you an exclusive Blue Mane Gypsy Horse. After you receive your free Horse, you will also be given the option to share one with your FarmVille neighbors by posting a Facebook News Feed.

FarmVille Blue Mane Gypsy Horse Prize

The Blue Mane Gypsy Horse can produce a Blue Mane Gypsy Foal when placed into your FarmVille Horse Stable as seen in the picture below.

FarmVille Bluemane Gypsy Horse

FarmVille Bluemane Gyspys Foal


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