Wednesday, 15 June 2011

FarmVille Birthday Mystery Box: June 15, 2011

FarmVille 06.14.2011 Mystery Gift
FarmVille Freak Gnome lovers alert! A brand new Gnome-filled FarmVille Birthday Mystery Box is now available!
In honor of FarmVille’s upcoming second birthday, FarmVille is offering a special Gnome-packed Birthday Mystery Box that can be purchased for 12 Farm Cash. You will only have one day to purchase this Birthday Mystery Box before it is replaced with a new Birthday Mystery stocked with new prizes. Similar to regular Mystery Boxes, you will automatically receive a prize, there is no throwing darts as there is with the Mystery Game.
FarmVille Birthday Mystery Gift
The Birthday Mystery features “best of” FarmVille Gnome prizes. The following are confirmed prizes for the Birthday Mystery Box released on June 15, 2011.
  • FarmVille Elf Girl Gnome, 300 XP
  • FarmVille Platinum Gnome, 300 XP
  • FarmVille Vampire Gnome, 300 XP
  • FarmVille Bride Gnome, 300 XP
  • FarmVille Cowgirl Gnome, 300 XP
  • FarmVille Chrome Gnome, 300 XP

FarmVille Elf Gnome
FarmVille Platinum Gnome
FarmVille Vampire Gnome
FarmVille Bride Gnome
FarmVille Cowgirl Gnome
FarmVille Chrome Gnome


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