Friday, 17 June 2011

FarmVille English Countryside Quest 2: Perfect Preparations

FarmVille Perfect Preparations
In the last set of English Countryside quests, Quest 2 is “Perfect Preparations”. We’re throwing a party for Duke and making the perfect preparations with his favorite things like Bluebells. Don’t forget, completing all the English Countryside Quests will unlock Transferable Storage, so it may be worth your effort!
  • 1. Harvest 100 Bluebells.
  • 2. Get 3 Glasses of Grape Juice
  • 3. Make the Barley Crumpet recipe 6 times.
FarmVille Perfect Preparations Quest Information
  • 100 XP
  • 1,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille Country Flowerbed decoration (x 4)
FarmVille Perfect Preparations Quest Completed


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