Thursday, 30 June 2011

Limited Edition Canada Day Animals: Polar Bear Cub, Canada Flag Ewe, Beaver & Elk

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FarmVille Polar Bear Cub

FarmVille Canada Flag Ewe

FarmVille Beaver

FarmVille Elk

Canada, eh?! Along with newly added LE Mexican items FarmVille is also honoring our Canadian neighbors with several Limited Edition Canada animals to the FarmVille Market.
While this update may seem strange or out of place since it is so close to Fourth of July, Canada celebrates its national day “Canada Day” on July 1st.
The Canada Flag Ewe is brand new to FarmVille, while its Canadian friends are re-releases that were previously featured in FarmVille as past Limited Edition animals.
FarmVille Limited Edition Canada Animals (Released: June 29, 2011)
  • FarmVille Polar Bear Cub (Re-release) – 22 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Canada Flag Ewe – 20 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Beaver (Re-release) – 20 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Elk (Re-release) – 20 Farm Cash


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