Sunday, 19 June 2011

FarmVille Introduces Trading Post !

FarmVille Trading Post
Today, FarmVille introduced a Trading Post!
Before you get too excited, this new building with purpose may not be exactly what you are expecting. If you thought that you’d be able to actually trade items such as swapping decorations with your neighbors, then don’t get too excited because this is not what this new feature is about.
The Trading Post will allow you to buy and sell crops from your neighbors. You can earn rewards of XP, Farm Coins, and Crop Mastery points.
FarmVille Trading Post Notice
To start using your Trading Post simply place it on your farm and whenever you “Look Inside”  you will be able to see options to “Place Orders” with your friends.  Then, you can grow crops that your friends have ordered. Whenever you harvest the ordered crops you will complete your friends orders and also earn XP, Farm Coins, and Mastery points.
FarmVille Trading Post Walktrhough
A Note on Mastery Points
You can earn +3 Mastery Points for every completed order. This may not sound like a lot of Mastery points, but you will be able to take up to a maximum of 50 orders at a time. Also, you can fill orders every 12 houFilling Orders
All you have to do is plant one crop to fill an order as you harvest it. Planting just one crop will fulfill all orders placed for that crop. This means that up to 150 additional Mastery points can be earned from palnting a single crop on your farm. But, remember that you can only do this once every 12 hours.
If you do the math you can gain up to 300 Mastery in a crop every day. Your friends will also receive a bonus of mastery points when you fill their order.
For example, during times when extra Mastery Points would be beneficial  for farmers is when you are trying to master a Limited Edition crop with an expiration time. If you order from a friend who is working on a LE crop then they will receive extra Mastery points which could help them achieve just enough points to master that crop.
Filling Orders
Planting just one crop will allow you to fulfill your placed orders. You will fulfill all your orders when harvesting that particular crop. You can receive a maximum of +150 additional Mastery points from planting a single crop. However, you can only fulfill orders every 12 hours (or twice per day).
Over Achievers  (the Hardcore Farmers)
What happens if you’ve already mastered all the crops FarmVille has to offer? Of course there is no need for mastery points if you’ve already mastered everything, but you can still be a good neighbor and place orders with your friends to help them out and allow them to master crops faster.


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