Sunday, 24 July 2011

FarmVille Wandering White Mustang Appearing on Farms!

FarmVille White Mustang Happy

A new lost and lonely White Mustang has wandered onto our farms this evening and it needs your help giving it a home. Are you down to rescue the White Mustang? The White Mustang is available to famers who are Level 5 and above.
Meet the Lost, Wandering White Mustang
Upon visiting your farm, you should be greeted with the pop-up shown below. Once clicking the blue “Check it Out” button you will be taken to the outer edges of your farm (where billboard advertisements usually appear). There you will see the White Mustang just hanging out hoping that you are ready to help. If you have an Empires & Allies billboard instead of the White Mustang, continue reading on how to get your White Mustang. If not, skip ahead.

Removing Billboards for White Mustang
If you don’t see a White Mustang on your farm it’s because you have no place for it to hang out since that lingering Empires & Allies sign is taking up all the space! To remove the cross-promotion billboard, click the billboard and make sure that you check the box that removes it from your farm. Then, select the “Maybe later” option. After the billboard is removed, it should trigger the arrival of the White Mustang.
Rescuing the White Mustang
In order to rescue the White Mustang, you will need to recruit the help of your FarmVille friends. You will need the help of exactly 5 friends to help you “coax” the White Mustang into staying on your farm. To get your friends help use the “Ask For Help” button and select friends. The catch is that you will only have a limited amount of time to fulfill the friend help requests and get the Mustang to stay on your farm forever.

The White Mustang must be rescued within 3 days or it will leave your farm and continue to wander around until it finds another home.
If you’d like to bypass the friend help requirement, you can do so by purchasing your way out using Farm Cash. You can opt to pay 20 Farm Cash without any fulfilled help requests. The Farm Cash purchase option also appears after your 72 hour time frame expires and in the event you were unable to meet the help requirements.
At any point to monitor your friend help progress, hover over the White Mustang with your mouse and you will see a countdown of time left and help received as shown in the picture below.
aving & Sharing the White Mustang
Once you get the required help, the White Mustang is yours to keep. It will be waiting for you in your FarmVille Gift Box. You will also be given the option to share a free White Mustang with your FarmVille friends by posting a Facebook News Feed share.
The White Mustang can be placed into your FarmVille Horse Stable for breeding. It does have a similar type foal, the White Mustang Foal.
According to Zynga, after 14 days you might find another lost, lonely animal hanging out around your farm? We hope it’s a new animal!


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