Tuesday, 19 July 2011

FarmVille Summer Quest I: Summer Picnic

FarmVille Summer Fun Quest I
Summertime is in full swing and FarmVille is heating up with the latest Summer Fun Quests!
In the first Summer Fun Quest, “Summer Picnic” you will need to complete three simple tasks to earn yourself some exclusive rewards such as the High Dive Duck decoration.
  1. Get 6 Picnic Blankets
  2. Buy 1 BBQ Grill
  3. Harvest 50 Strawberries
  • 100 XP
  • 1,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille High Dive Duck (similar to High Dive Decoration from 7-Eleven event)
On the Reward page you will also be given the option to share a Picnic Set with your friends by posting a Facebook News Feed share.


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