Thursday, 21 July 2011

FarmVille Limited Edition Parisian Building: Arc de Triomphe

FarmVille Arc de Triomphe

The FarmVille Market has been updated with two Limited Edition Parisian buildings including a Arc de Triomphe and French Bakery.

Of course, France is world famous for its wonderful baked goods and pastries so the French Bakery makes complete sense for a FarmVille Parisian theme. French Bread anyone? The Arch de Triomphe is the FarmVille version of one of Paris’ most famous monuments by the same name. You can read more details and the history of this monument by clicking here.
You will have a limited amount of time to purchase these buildings as they are set to exit the FarmVille Market in two weeks.
FarmVille Limited Edition Parisian Buildings (Released: July 19, 2011)
  • FarmVille Arc de Triomphe – 35 Farm Cash


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