Tuesday, 19 July 2011

FarmVille Racing Turtles Arrive in Market!

FarmVille Purple Turtle

FarmVille Blue Turtle

FarmVille Red Turtle

FarmVille Orange Turtle

FarmVille Yellow Turtle

FarmVille Green Turtle

In a sneak attack, the FarmVille Market was updated with new Racing Turtles!
It looks like FarmVille is gearing up for the release of the upcoming Turtle Racing. Are you excited yet?
Currently, these Racing Turtles are in the FarmVille Market for 14 Farm Cash each.
FarmVille Racing Turtles
  • FarmVille Purple Turtle -14 FV$
  • FarmVille Blue Turtle -14 FV$
  • FarmVille Red Turtle -14 FV$
  • FarmVille Orange Turtle -14 FV$
  • FarmVille Yellow Turtle -14 FV$
  • FarmVille Green Turtle -14 FV$
If you’d like to get one for free be sure to check out the latest FarmVille Summer Fun Quests as a Racing Turtle is one of the rewards after completing the third quest.


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