Tuesday, 3 May 2011

FarmVille Giftbox Updated Further!

Farmville Giftbox Icon

Tonight, after an enhanced message, the FarmVille Giftbox was updated to be even more user-friendly.
You may recall that our Giftbox was upgraded with the Search & Sort feature. This evening, two new categories:Trees & Other, have been added to help sort items in our Giftbox further.
Also, another change has been made to the Giftbox. Now, when you re-open the Giftbox in the game, it will open at the point where it was when you closed it. (For example, if you were on page 2 of 7 when you close your Giftbox, and you re-open it later in the game, it will still remain on page 2 of 7).

Giftbox Changes


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