Monday, 2 May 2011

Bug Invades FarmVille Royal Welcome Party !

Royal Tent

But the Royals are coming! Weren’t our guests good enough?! The Royal Welcome Party’s FarmVille Welcome Tent was released just a few days ago and many farmers were eager to get their party started as soon as possible so that they could access the redemption prizes- one of which includes the ability to unlock the exclusive Limited Edition crop, Majestic Roses.
You need 32 guests total to attend your Royal Welcome party until it’s thriving and ready for the Royals’ visit to FarmVille (and so that you can also unlock the last redemption prize.) However, there is a glitch affecting some farmers (including myself) that causes their guest list to reset to zero, even after fulfilling the guest requirements. One of the annoying things about this glitch is that it slows your progress in being able to grow and master Majestic Roses on your farm. Even though you may have previously unlocked it, after your guest list is reset you will not be able to purchase these seeds from the market until either you reach 16 guests again or FarmVille fixes the glitch.
We have spoken with Zynga customer support and they are advising to wait it out as the FarmVille team is aware of the issue and working hard on a fix for all farmers that have experienced the guest list invite rollback.
Stay tuned to FarmVille Sheep Breeding for more information regarding this glitch…

A Farmville Farmer Have 0 Guests And Growing Majestic Roses On Farm.


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